Practice areas

Our main areas of practice are Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Real Estate Law.  Attorney Despotov, personally, has many years of experience as an exclusive lawyer for Bulgarian subsidiaries of leading international corporations.

  • Corporate Law
    We provide highly qualified legal assistance and full range of legal services to corporate clients, including:
    – Legal establishment and registration of companies
    – Registrations of branches and commercial representations of foreign companies
    – Representation before the Commercial Register of Bulgaria
    – Legal assistance regarding changes in circumstances of companies –amendments to the incorporation acts, appointment and dismissal of company representatives, as well as registration of the respective changes in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency, etc.
    – Legal assistance in negotiations and drafting respective contracts and other necessary documents regarding transfer of company shares and assets
    – Publication of annual financial statements and announcement of acts in the Commercial Register
    – Consultation on all legal issues related to corporate governance issues
    – Consultation on regulatory and compliance matters, including inter alia compliance with the EU legislation.
    – Prepare of all kinds of corporate constitutive documents, corporate governance issues, issuance of stock


  • Commercial Law
    We provide highly qualified legal assistance regarding commercial activity of a company including  consultations and negotiations, conclusion, performance, default, amendment, and termination of all types of contracts.- Preparation of all kinds of trade/commercial agreements, contracts and documentation
    – Legal assistance regarding all kinds of commercial representatives – procurators, agents, etc.
    – Representation before counterparties in order to achieve maximum protection of the client’s interests when negotiating, concluding, amending or terminating business relationships.
    – Legal assistance regarding сommercial transactions – assistance in negotiations; preparation / amendment / termination of contracts and unilateral transactions; performance / default of contracts and unilateral transactions
    – Preparation and amendment of documents related to the commercial activities of companies


  • Real Estate Law
    “Despotov and Partners” provide complete assistance and protection regarding transactions of real estate- Preparation of preliminary and final contracts for purchase of real estate and all other types of contracts on transfer of ownership (exchange, donation, etc.)
    – Investigating the current material and legal status of the seller (Due Diligence)
    – Legal and financial analysis in terms of the acquisition and transfer of real estate, or establishment, acquisition and transfer of limited rights on real estate
    – Complete and detailed examination of the ownership
    – Representation in negotiations and protection of the clients’ interests


  • Labor Law
    We provide complete legal services to employers, preparation of all necessary documents and legal assistance with all issues, guidance in terms of labor relations- Preparation, amendment and termination of labor agreements
    – Preparation of internal acts of the employer (internal labor rules, code of ethics, etc.)
    – Disciplinary proceedings
    – Disciplinary and material responsibility of employees
    – Consulting and protection throughout the recruitment process
    – Legal assistance in applying alternative and innovative methods such as transfer of workers,  temporary work and etc.
    – Legal representation and protection in all labor disputes and labor court cases


  • Intellectual Property
    “Despotov and Partners” provide full range of legal services in the sphere of intellectual property, copyright and related rights, industrial designs and inventions
    – Registration of trade marks and industrial designs within the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), ihanges, including renewal of a trademark
    – Preparation, amendment and termination of contracts for creating and/or use of works of intellectual property
    – Legal protection in case of infringement of intellectual property rights
    – Consulting and drafting franchise and franchise agreements.


  • GDPR
    Consulting and legal assistance regarding data protection- Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC– Compliance seminars for managers and staff in accordance with the specifics of the activity and business
    – Preparation of the company’s documents regarding data protection – General Terms and Conditions, Data protection agreements, Data protection Code and etc.


  • Representation and dispute resolution
    “Despotov and Partners” will protect your interest in case of commercial, civil, administrative or labor disputes.– Out-of-court dispute resolution
    – Legal representation in proceedings before arbitration courts
    – Legal representation in proceedings before court